The time you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived. All of your hard work and persistence has finally led to a job offer. It is natural to be excited and automatically jump on an offer. However, it is very important to consider a number of factors after receiving a job offer. We have taken the time to break down some of the most important matters.

1.)    Company Culture

Is this a place where you want to work on a daily basis? Do you like the people and feel like you fit in there? Make sure to check out the company on, and find out if you have any friends who have worked there.

2.)    Salary and benefits

Is the compensation in line with what you are looking for? How does it compare to what you were making in your last role? Also, make sure to find out what kind of health insurance the company offers. In addition, make sure to ask about additional offerings like 401k and vacation time.

3.)    Location, location, location

Is the company located near you? Make sure to carefully consider whether this is a place you’ll want to commute to every day.

4.)    Job description

Can you see yourself doing this job every day? Is it something that you think sounds interesting and rewarding? Also, is there any growth potential in the organization?

5.)    Satisfaction

What kind of a feeling did you get after you left the interview? Do you see yourself wanting to stay there for a few years?

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