Over the last few months we have shared many different tips for how you can get and keep a job. However, one thing we haven’t spent as much time on is why you aren’t getting the job. Haven’t you always wanted to know why the other candidate got the position instead of you? There are times when it is a matter of experience or personality fit. However, what if it was because you said the wrong thing or made an avoidable mistake. Please see below for a list of things not to do when in the job market:

1.)    Harass the Recruiter or Hiring Manager

This one may seem obvious.   However, there are many times when candidates can be too aggressive during the interview process. There is nothing wrong with checking in after an interview to say you’re interested. With that said, make sure to wait a few days. Also, make sure not to do it more than once. Just remember that the hiring manager or recruiter has plenty of other work related matters on their plate.

2.)    Make mistakes in your resume, cover letter or emails

This is another one that should go without saying. But make sure your emails, cover letters and resume don’t have typos, incorrect information or run on sentences. Furthermore, always make sure to use the correct cover letter for each position. Finally, always make sure to attach any and all documents to your correspondence.

3.)    Apply to openings you aren’t qualified for

We regularly have candidates apply for positions they don’t have the experience for. Doing this will hurt you in a few different ways. First of all, it will make a recruiter less likely to call you when they have an opening you’re actually qualified for.   Most job descriptions are pretty explicit with what type of experience is needed. If you’re shot gun applying for everything under the sun it seems like you don’t pay attention. It also makes it seem like you’re more interested in the company, not the position.

4.)    Get down on yourself for not getting a role

It is easy to get down on yourself and take it personally if you don’t get a position. However, this is a big thing job seekers need to guard against. The best candidates are the ones who radiate enthusiasm and confidence. If you don’t believe in yourself, then nobody else will. Just remember that the decisions companies make are for business reasons. They aren’t personal.

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