There are a various aspects to consider when embarking on a job search. Duties, job title, room for growth, hours, location and salary are common considerations, and important ones. However, an often overlooked piece of the puzzle is workplace culture. Cultural fit is important to an employer, and it should be important to the jobseeker as well.

Before diving into the job search, it is a good idea to consider the type of environment you are hoping to identify. Is a corporate, conservative office more up your alley, or are you hoping for a more casual situation? Are you someone who thrives working on a team as a contributor, or do you prefer a more self-directed, individual type of role?

Another thing to think about and be able to talk about in an interview is what kind of management style you prefer and thrive with. It is a great question to ask while on an interview, to determine the culture and environment. Some people like to be closely monitored, and to have a manager easily accessible for questions or feedback. Other prefer to work mostly on their own. Understanding what works best for you is an important key in identifying the right opportunity.

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