Many recent college graduates struggle to figure out what they want to do. In addition, many of them face stiff competition for entry level positions. The economy is improving, but the job market is still extremely competitive. However, there are ways to distinguish yourself from the competition. See below for five of our tips:

1.)    Network, Network, Network

Most jobseekers spend the bulk of their time perusing the job boards. However, networking is also extremely valuable. Get on LinkedIn, tell family and friends you’re looking for a position and make sure to utilize your college’s alumni network.

2.)    Keep an Open Mind

You never know when or how you’ll find your next opportunity. Therefore, it is important to be open to different scenarios and fields.

3.)    Develop a Social Media Presence

Make sure your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram profiles project a professional image. In addition, another way to showcase your writing skills is to start up your own blog.

4.)    Consider Graduate School or Certificate Programs

It is never a bad idea to consider one of these options to help broaden your knowledge and skills. Furthermore, many large organizations will offer tuition reimbursements for their employees.

5.)    Work With a Staffing Agency

You knew this one was coming. Many recent graduates are able to gain experience through temporary work. This is also a good way to show an organization what you can do.





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