Many job seekers look at temporary work as a way to make money while looking for a permanent position. Other people view it as a way to gain additional experience and improve their resume. Regardless of the reason, it is crucial to make the most of your temporary experience. Many companies look to temporaries or contract workers when they need to fill an opening. See below for five tips on how you can impress your supervisor.

1.)    Be on time            

It should go without saying, but it is obviously important to show up on time each and every day. Also, make sure not to take long lunch breaks or nap on the job.

2.)    Dress professionally

Every company has a different definition of what constitutes business casual and business professional. With that in mind, make sure to pay close attention to how other people in the organization dress.

3.)    Have a good attitude

It is essential to be open to any and all projects your supervisor gives you. In addition, it is also crucial to put your best effort into each task.

4.)    Be friendly, but don’t be the office gossip

You should always go out of your way to cultivate friendly, positive relationships with colleagues. However, it is equally important to not let your productivity suffer. Also, you should make sure not to gossip about colleagues or your supervisor.

5.)    Be open to feedback    

Many people have a hard time accepting constructive criticism. However, the most productive people are able to learn from feedback.

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