Every employer starts their search with an idea in their heads of what their ideal employee is like. Make no mistake, not every exemplary employee interviews well. In addition, not every charismatic job seeker makes the best employee. With that in mind, we want to pull back the curtain for our readers on some of the wisdom we’ve gained as employers and recruiters.

1.)    Be on time and don’t make your own schedule

It should go without saying, but a good employee makes every effort to make it to work on time every day. Employers also don’t like it when an employee tries to make his or her own schedule. Doing this sort of thing will not score you any points.

2.)    Meet any and all deadlines

Some work environments are more deadline-driven than others. However, a good employee will always do their best to get work done in a timely manner. With that said, we understand that this can be hard to do if you have a heavy workload. As such, just make sure to be upfront with your supervisor if you need more time to complete an assignment.

3.)    Have good attention to detail

Take the extra time to make sure all of your email correspondence and work output is concise, well written and error free. This will go a long way with any employer.

4.)    Be able to multi-task

An employer wants to know that you can prioritize work and handle more than one task at once. A good employee is always able to differentiate between urgent work and busy work.

5.)    Be reliable

This goes hand in hand with being timely. Be someone your supervisor can depend on. All employers want to be able to trust their employees.

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